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Pre - Workshop Questionairre


Shape trainers are design management experts with wide experience in applying design thinking and practice to organisations and businesses. They are experienced design professionals, good communicators and broad thinkers

Only Shape accredited trainers listed below are authorised and recognised to deliver Shape training and provide certification for users.


We welcome approaches from individuals who feel they have the experience to deliver training for Shape, especially in countries not yet represented. We have a standard recruitment, assessment and induction process to ensure consistency and repeatability. Please e-mail training@shapebetter.eu to express your interest.

Co-funded by the European Commission

Training Package B Pre-workshop questionnaire

Please enter as much information as possible.

Once this is completed it will be automatically sent to Shape, who will be in contact with you within the next 48 hours.

8. Please give us some specific information about your knowledge of design and design thinking. The following questions are available online in the Shape Better Services Guided tour, where further information can be found.

8.1. Success Indicators

8.2. Contributors & Influencers

8.3. Value Analysis vs. Cost & Benefits

8.4. Measurement Plan

8.5. Brief, Procurement, Budgets & Project Plan

8.6. Communication Strategy

8.7. Re-alignment & Validation

8.8. Prototyping

8.9. Pilot or Not

8.10. Monitoring & Quality Assurance