how shape works

Shape is a comprehensive, unique and intuitive on-line design management resource. It supports your current project management approach with a defined, simple and visible process to underpin innovation and deliver efficient projects.

Access to the resource is free to all to navigate around. This enables first time users to understand and appreciate it’s approach, process, and contents. We also offer full access to the resource via a number of paid options.

Once you are happy that Shape has value for you in your project or organisation, then please register. This is free, personal to you and will only take 2 minutes. Registering will bring you into the Shape user community and release another level of detail to the resource and guides. It will allow you access to our online chat tool to answer any questions or queries that you might have.

To register, please click here

You can access the complete Shape resource and both use and save its built-in worksheets, project maps and tools for sharing across project teams for payment of a small annual fee.

You can also review and download relevant case studies and tools to help you with your projects. Your annual fee will keep you notified of any updates in the resource and the tools/case studies.

You can also join the Shape user forum to share tips and tricks, upload your own case studies or contribute to the ongoing development of the resource. There are two levels of fees: one for project teams, this grants access for up to five individuals and one for larger departments or organisations.

Please send us an enquiry by our online chat facility, or by mailing: