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Success Indicators

What is your previous experience with defining success indicators?

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Whether you introduce a service or activity or open a new facility, and whether you choose to establish a pilot first and then roll out the solution full scale, a solution will rarely be perfect and final. The need for small adjustments will almost always emerge over time. This guide recommends that for all new deliveries – regardless of size and complexity – a plan for monitoring how they work in real life and to which extent they match the expectations from the outset, is developed and followed. Not only can this benefit the solution monitored, but by working systematically with the observations made, one can build a database of findings, which will benefit all future projects as well. This, one may call a Quality Assurance ( QA ) system. The "monitoring & QA" chapter of the APPLY stage guides you to how you make a plan for and carry out monitoring of a new delivery, and how you use the findings to establish or as input to an existing QA programme.

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Success Indicators
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